30 Before 30 Bucket List

1. See the Grand Canyon
2. Visit 10 different states besides California, Arizona and Nevada ( total cheats!)
3. Run a mile without stopping or using my inhaler.
4. Get braces on and off
5. Take a trip out of the country ( Europe preferably but the Caribbean wouldn't be so bad)
6. Get married ( cliche as it sounds, I would love to be hitched before 30, but I'm willing to totally wait on the kid thing till after 30)
7. Have 6 mths of living expenses saved up ( big emergency fund!) (Target: $7200. Currently at 900)
8. Buy a sports car on my 29th birthday ( This is my Happy 30th Birthday, you've made it through life present, a year early. )
9. Have a puppy
10. Finish my bachelors in Criminal Justice
11. Write a novel.
12. Read 200 different books. ( Currently @ 9)
13. Visit New York City and enjoy a play and seeing Strawberry Fields Forever in Central Park.
14. See The Beatles Love show in Las Vegas. (Done! 9/23/2011)
15. Make my Las Vegas bucket list and complete it so if I move, I will have no regrets about making the most of my time here.
16. Establish a fairly successful side business.
17. Lose 46lbs once and for all. (Currently @ 4bs.)
18. Move into an actual house instead of an apartment. ( I'm secretly tired of apartment living, yet still too shy to buy a house.)
19. Pay for someones coffee behind me in Starbucks.
20. Learn how to sew and perfect that sewing matching collecting dust in the corner.
21. Go to the San Diego Zoo & Sea World
22. Take a road trip with Rambo to someplace new.
23. Learn how to properly walk in high heels.
24. Go camping on the beach.
25. Buy a matching bedroom set. Or at least find quality furniture pieces I enjoy.
26. Spend an entire weekend with my sister.
27. Buy all the Disney DVDS my heart contends to. ( Really, the ones I grew up with and enjoy)
28. Buy a Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel or LV purse.
29. Be a character from Rocky Horror Picture Show one Halloween.
30. See the Minnesota Twins play at Target Field.